Linux Spotlight: Linux Spotlight EP51 – Joe Ressington of Late Night Linux

In this episode of Linux Spotlight, I get to sit down with fellow podcaster Joe Ressington. Joe has helped me many times over the years with audio and podcasting in general and I have been looking forward to this episode for many months. We talk about his Linux journey but we also dive deep into his podcasting journey as well. We discuss all of the shows he has worked on in the past and also what he is currently working on. Enjoy!

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Notable Replies

  1. One of most interesting episodes for me :slight_smile:
    How many episodes you have already recorded which waiting for editing?

  2. At least two with more recording this weekend!

  3. If you like, I can mix and master edited or not edited audio (you just edit it later) from recorded episodes, so you’ll have more time for editing or progress your audio engineering (I guess it’s how it should be called) skills. Edited one will be better, just in case that something don’t sound good after cutting. Don’t want to mess with yours schedule, so maybe the last one recorded on weekend will be good idea?

    I’ll write you what was done or write guide later so you can analyze it on specific example :slight_smile: and drive you through to the point when you don’t need help anymore or just I help you with audio for every episode if you need help :slight_smile:

  4. I wonder if I can get Joe to lend me his camera :thinking:

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