Linux Spotlight: Episode 18 – Michael Tunnell

This week I get to talk to my friend Michael Tunnell and finally get the answers to sought after questions like what hair gel he uses. No I really don’t care about that but I do care about his history in Linux and how he come to love KDE Plasma. Enjoy!

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Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for Toke Toke says:

    I must say that I really enjoy watching the people that you interview Rocco. Myself, I’m still learning all of the players who drive this Linux thingy forward. It was great to learn about Michael,plus the show was fun to watch. The fun way you both interact goes beyond just a simple straight forward interview show,but shows a true comaradery of friends just BSing .I could almost see you bou in a bar or over a card game or whatever fits,of you both talking with passion on something near and dear to your hearts.Except you both evaded the great debate over single or doulble clik. LOL.

  2. Avatar for Toke Toke says:

    also Michael,thank you for the merge.Wasen’t sure then plus only on my 2nd cup of wake-up tea.

  3. Thank you Toke,
    Your description is what you would have seen at SELF this year. We did many things but I think the trips to Best Buy were so fun with four geeks trying to figure out what we needed and just having fun.

    Michael is ok sometimes

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