Linux Spotlight: Episode 17 – Nathan Wolf (CubicleNate)

This week I get to talk to CubicleNate about how he got that name and how he got started with Linux. No conversation with Nate would be complete without hearing about openSUSE which we talk about but we also get into what he is currently working on, so don’t miss it! There might be talk about old technology and the Commodore 64 might even get mentioned. Head over to #bigdaddylinuxlive on IRC and you could even get to chat with someone who uses a Commodore 64 on irc!



Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for mowest mowest says:

    What a great episode! The Linux Spotlight is such a fun show. Nate, I subscribed to your podcast, and listened to all of the episodes while doing the dishes tonight. I think is a great outlet for your geek passions. Keep it up, it is a fun listen, and I like having a podcast that isn’t an hour plus for those times when I just want to fill some time with something in my ears.

  2. I don’t have the gift of gab like some people so don’t expect anything more than 20 minutes on a solo podcast of just me. I can only tolerate so much of me. :slight_smile:

  3. This is so true. I like informative podcasts but some of them feel like a major commitment to get through. It often takes me days and then I start forgetting the part I’ve already listened to.

    The LS episode is great. I already know a little bit about Nate but it’s always fun to hear about someone’s background. Thanks to Rocco and Nate for taking the time to put this together.

  4. I’ve watched the past 4 episodes and @CubicleNate’s rates right up there with @EricAdams. For educational I like a few guys, but @EricAdams episodes are aways great learning. Gimme @EricAdams and DistoTube in there with a couple of F1 videos and I’m in Hog Heaven!

    EDIT: I forgot to say that I’m gonna run openSuse when my time with Ubuntu id done. Nate made me do it. :layer1_4::

  5. I appreciate the kind words @Larry_Johnson. Glad to hear you are enjoying the videos. Good luck with openSUSE. If you have any issues just bug Nate. :smile:

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