Linux Spotlight: Episode 11 – Eric Adams

In this episode Eric Adams joins Rocco to discuss his introduction to Linux and his involvement with the community and content creation. Maybe even the creation of this very discourse forum as well as the revamp of the BDLL website. Who knows? Tune in and find out. Eric can be found on Twitter, Mastodon and YouTube.


Notable Replies

  1. Another great episode, for me the surprise as a hobby Linux user is that Eric didn’t use Linux a lot sooner, I transitioned to Linux as my main PC while back at University in 2009 after about 18 months of dual booting Ubuntu with Windows XP, a major system meltdown resulted in me just reinstalling Ubuntu as I realized I hardly used the Windows partition, so I installed XP in Virtual Box and still rarely used it :joy:

    @EricAdams sorry to hear of your health issues I hope they are improving and the outlook is good. Looking forward to meeting on BDLL again in the near future.

  2. Another excellent episode that I finally heard yesterday (08/23/2019). @EricAdams it was so cool to hear you talk about your wife and family before everything else and is a reminder that, love for Linux and all things nerd aside, those connections with other people are what matter most – and, @BigDaddyLinux thank you for making that such an emphasis on all the shows (the Linux community).

    Also, thanks for the superb work you’ve done with the web site and the Discourse discussion boards, @EricAdams. Prayers for your health issues.

  3. You are very welcome Alan, Eric is great person to talk to and get to know.

  4. Great interview. I really enjoyed it and had many laugh out loud moments.

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