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Big Daddy Linux is excited to present a new series – Linux Spotlight. This show is dedicated to showing off the best thing about Linux…the community. The Linux community is comprised of enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds, from developers and distro maintainers to Linux personalities and everyday users. Each of these members plays a big role in the community. The goal of Linux Spotlight is to have a discussion with these individuals about their journey into Linux and beyond.

In addition to the videos, there is also an audio version available.

Linux Spotlight EP43 – Tyler Brown

In EP43 of Linux Spotlight, I get to sit down with my friend Tyler Brown and discuss his history into Linux, his love for Linux conferences and we also take a turn down the road of KDE and Gnome which was so fun. Enjoy!

TwitterLawrence LUG IRCBDLL Community Member Page

Linux Spotlight EP42 – Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical

In this episode of Linux Spotlight, it is my pleasure to sit down and talk with Mark Shuttleworth about his journey into Linux. We talk about his thoughts on Ubuntu and Canonical and his excitement for the future. I hope you enjoy this because I sure did!

WebsiteWikipediaBioCanonicalCanonical WikipediaFuture within our reachfirst South African to travel to spaceAn experience like that changes your perspective on life and on the world.…Microsoft has a majority market shareUbuntu 4.10 Warty Warthog

Linux Spotlight EP41 – Eric Londo of Linux++

In this episode of Linux Spotlight, I get the pleasure of sitting down with Eric Londo for a great conversation about his history into Linux and also about his Linux++ articles that are a must read for any Linux enthusiast. Enjoy

TwitterLinux++MediumLinux++ MediumLinux++ TelegramGithubMy Journey to Linux: Discovery (Part 1)My Journey to Linux: Revitalization (Part 2)My Journey to Linux: New Horizons (Part 3)

Linux Spotlight EP40 – Dolphin Oracle of MX Linux

In today’s episode of Linux Spotlight, I get to talk to my friend Dolphin Oracle who is a perfect example of a guy who started out just wanting to give back to a distro that helped him out. He started working his way through the community and development and coding to become the Lead for one of the most popular Linux distros out there. Enjoy!

MX LinuxTwitterGithubYouTube (RunwiththeDolphin) – BDLL Community Member PageDestination Linux EP02 – Dolphins are CoolDestination Linux EP47 – Dolphin Oracle of MX LinuxDestination Linux EP146 – Do you need a VPN? (GUEST cohost)

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