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Big Daddy Linux is excited to present a new series – Linux Spotlight. This show is dedicated to showing off the best thing about Linux…the community. The Linux community is comprised of enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds, from developers and distro maintainers to Linux personalities and everyday users. Each of these members plays a big role in the community. The goal of Linux Spotlight is to have a discussion with these individuals about their journey into Linux and beyond.

In addition to the videos, there is also an audio version available.

Linux Spotlight EP47 – Dan Johansen of Manjaro Arm

In this episode of Linux Spotlight I sit down with Dan Johansen of the Manjaro Arm project where we discuss his Linux journey and also his involvement with Manjaro and the Manjaro Arm project. Enjoy!

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Linux Spotlight EP46 – Alex Kretzschmar of Self Hosted

In this episode of Linux Spotlight, I get to sit down with Alex Kretzschmar who co-hosts “Self Hosted” on Jupiter Broadcasting. We dive into his Musical background and his Drum solo videos along with his history into Linux and how he got to where he is today working for RedHat. The background noise you hear is his 3D printers working hard on making PPE for the current shortage, which also highlights what kind of a person he truly is.

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Linux Spotlight EP45 – Shane Kitt of Linux Lads Podcast

In today’s episode of Linux Spotlight, I sit down with Shane Kitt who is involved in the Dublin Linux User Group but is also one of the hosts for the fantastic Linux Lads Podcast. We talk about his journey into Linux, his love for opensource and of course all the details on Linux Lads. Enjoy!

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Linux Spotlight EP44 – Drew DeVore of Jupiter Broadcasting

In this episode of Linux Spotlight, I get to sit down with the amazing Drew DeVore who is an audio editing engineer for Jupiter Broadcasting. Drew also co-hosts on Linux News Headlines and in his spare time rescues rabbits! Drew is an amazing all around guy. Enjoy!

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