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Big Daddy Linux is excited to present a new series – Linux Spotlight. This show is dedicated to showing off the best thing about Linux…the community. The Linux community is comprised of enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds, from developers and distro maintainers to Linux personalities and everyday users. Each of these members plays a big role in the community. The goal of Linux Spotlight is to have a discussion with these individuals about their journey into Linux and beyond.

In addition to the videos, there is also an audio version available.

Linux Spotlight EP52 – Robbie Ferguson of Category5.TV

In today’s episode of Linux Spotlight, I get to sit down with Robbie Ferguson of Category5.TV for a great conversation. Robbie is the founder of Category5.TV and has been involved in Linux for many years. We talk about his Linux journey, his love for raspberry pi’s and of course we talk about Category5. Enjoy!

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Linux Spotlight EP51 – Joe Ressington of Late Night Linux

In this episode of Linux Spotlight, I get to sit down with fellow podcaster Joe Ressington. Joe has helped me many times over the years with audio and podcasting in general and I have been looking forward to this episode for many months. We talk about his Linux journey but we also dive deep into his podcasting journey as well. We discuss all of the shows he has worked on in the past and also what he is currently working on. Enjoy!

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Linux Spotlight EP50 – Leo Chavez of MintCast

In today’s episode of Linux Spotlight, I get to sit down with fellow podcaster, writer and open source advocate Leo Chavez. He is such a positive voice for the community that we need more people like him and I think you will find that Leo gives back to the overall community because of what he has received from it. Enjoy!

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Linux Spotlight EP49 – Venn Stone of LinuxGameCast

In this episode of Linux Spotlight, I get to sit down with Venn Stone of LinuxGameCast. I think you’ll find some of his answers fascinating because they were not what I expected at all. It was a great conversation and I enjoyed sitting down with a guy who is not only an audio genius but somebody who is straight to the point with no drama and an all around good guy who has been giving back to the community for years. Enjoy

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