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Big Daddy Linux is excited to present a new series – Linux Spotlight. This show is dedicated to showing off the best thing about Linux…the community. The Linux community is comprised of enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds, from developers and distro maintainers to Linux personalities and everyday users. Each of these members plays a big role in the community. The goal of Linux Spotlight is to have a discussion with these individuals about their journey into Linux and beyond.

In addition to the videos, there is also an audio version available.

Episode 11 – Eric Adams

In this episode Eric Adams joins Rocco to discuss his introduction to Linux and his involvement with the community and content creation. Maybe even the creation of this very discourse forum as well as the revamp of the BDLL website. Who knows? Tune in and find out. Eric can be found on Twitter, Mastodon and YouTube.

Episode 10 – Conor Murphy

In this episode we hit double digits! Conor Murphy joins Rocco to discuss his introduction to Linux and his involvement with the Linux Lads Podcast and the Dublin Linux Community User Group.

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Episode 9 – Alan Diggs (Schycken)

Rocco interviews Alan Diggs aka Schycken, the resident elementary OS enthusiast and Telegram champion. He got his start with Linux in high school while looking a better alternative operating system. He is rumored to have installed elementary OS on random computers at Best Buy. He has immersed himself in Linux and the community and is one of the most charismatic, enthusiastic and engaging users you’re likely to meet.

Episode 8 – Colin Brash

This episode features Colin Brash. Besides being a husband and father of two, Colin is a long time Linux user who got into computers when he was given a 486 PC many years ago. After having some issues, he asked for help and was given some Linux CDs. He tried it and his tinkerer tendencies took over. Before Linux he was interested in sport, including Cricket and 10-pin bowling but nowadays he spends his free time distro hopping and making YouTube videos.

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