The BDLL Community

Check out the awesome members of the BDLL community. Everyone has something to contribute to the community. Why not join us?

  Rocco (BigDaddyLinux)
Community Member

It is my pleasure to host such a wonderful community full of people from all walks of life coming together to talk about their love for Linux

 PZ – Zebedee Boss
BDLL Supporter, Friend & Producer

PZ is the Producer of BDLL and Co-host on Destination Linux. He also has a great YouTube channel and I am honored to consider him My Friend. You can get to know him more in LSEP01

Adam Grubbs
Community Member

Adam currently is an Infrastructure Engineer, Twitch streamer and BDLL community member. You can get to know him more in LSEP02

Alan Pope
Resident Ubuntu Fanboy

Alan currently Co-hosts the Ubuntu podcast and also currently works for Canonical on the snapcraft team, which gives him a very unique Linux perspective.

You can get to know him more in LSEP16

Alie (PresentArms)
Developer of TrinityPCLinux OS

Alie develops his own distro with the trinity desktop and also has a YouTube channel showcasing it and brings a wealth of experience to the community.

Community Member

Gideon is a Libre Hoster and a UBports Steering Committee member which focuses on the mobile side of Linux.

Barbara Harris
Community Member

Barb has a great history in the education sector and uses Windows, Mac & Linux in her daily workflow. She has also written software for Linux.

You can get to know her more in LSEP14

Community Member

BigPod is a newer member of the community and is also a member of other YouTube communities related to Linux.

Bill (franksmcb)
Community Member

Bill has quickly become a go-to person for technical issues within the community because of his experience in Linux and IT.

Carmine (TOS)
Community Member

TOS hosts a YouTube channel where he covers Linux Distros, Tech news, Vlogs and the popular News and Nonsense.

Chris Kelling
BDLL Supporter

Chris has been using computers since the 80’s and brings a wealth of knowledge of general computing to the community.

Chuck Harrington
BDLL Supporter

Chuck has yet to join the conversation but does so much for the community behind the scenes that he has to be on this list.

Distro hopper extraordinaire

Climby takes on some of the hardest challenges in distro hopping…usually before the show ends.

Colin Brash (PCTLC)
Linux Enthusiast

Colin takes his distro hopping to a new level and documents the whole process in his videos on his YouTube channel.

You can get to know him more on LSEP08

Dan Simmons
BDLL Supporter & Resident Tech Support

Dan is currently a Host and Network Services Manager and part of the core Lubuntu development team.

You can get to know him more in LSEP04

Dave (DreamingWolf)
BDLL Supporter

Dave brings many years of experience to the community and is a go-to resource for Arch Linux.

You can get to know him more in LSEP32

Derek (DistroTube)
Linux Extraordinaire

Derek shows off his love for Linux on his youtube channel and brings a wealth of experience to the community.

You can get to know him more in LSEP12

Dolphin Oracle
MX Linux Developer

DO has a YouTube channel where he showcases all of the awesome things going on over in the MX Linux world and shows off opensource love with his family.

You can get to know him more in LSEP40

Dustin Krysak
Ubuntu Budgie Dev/System Admin

Dustin shows off his love for Linux with Ubuntu Budgie as well as packaging snaps and being one of the nicest dudes you will meet.

EB – Steve (English Bob)
Youtube Extraordinaire

EB needs no introduction. His presence is felt in the conversation as soon he joins. He is loved by all in the community!

You can get to know him more in LSEP05

Eric (TheITGuy)
Community Member

Eric is currently a Solutions Architect for Gitlab. He is also a Podcaster, OpenSource Enthusiast and a Gamer

Eric Adams
Website & Forums Admin

Eric specializes in web technologies and is a keen Linux and open source aficionado as well as an all-around tech guy. He Co-hosts DLNextend podcast along with helping out on BDLL. He also created the BDL website and Discourse forums.

You can get to know him more in LSEP11

Community Member

Frank is a longtime community member and loves to take part in the distro challenges

James Tigert
Resident Solus Lover

James is one of Solus biggest fans and no other distro seems to compare. Check out his github page.

Jason Starbuck
BDLL Supporter

Jason has worked in the IT Industry for the last 6 years and has been using computers for over 30. He uses Linux, Mac, and Win10 for both Daily and Professional use.

Jill Bryant
Community Member

Jill is a host of LWDW over at LinuxGameCast and is a very skilled Linux user that loves to talk about Linux.

You can hear her incredible story in LSEP19

Joe (PowerPC)
Here from the beginning

Joe was one of the first people to take part in BDLL! He is also a huge Linux proponent in his own computer business.

You can learn more about Joe in LSEP21

Joey Lamothe
Community Member

Joe is a Linux enthusiast that has been in tech for 20 + yrs. He enjoys tinkering with PC hardware, camera systems, networking you name it. He is happy to help out and loves discussing Linux and Open Source.

John (Gimpysticks)
BDLL Supporter

John has his own youtube channel along with a blog he runs.

Jon Uhler
System Administrator / Devops / Infosec

Jon is a system administrator and part of the OPS team at Stibo systems. He is also heading up the Infosec effort for the company.

Karl Schneider
Graphics Specialist

Karl is an invaluable member to the Linux community offering his talents in graphic design everywhere including designing the logos and layouts for BDLL and Linux Spotlight

Lamer (TheLamerLinux)
Community Member

Lamer has been around from the beginning of BDLL and  takes part in the distro challenges and also has a youtube channel that you can check out

Matt (Dark1LTG)
Reaction Aficionado

Matt (Dark1LTG) is always on the hunt for Unique in every distro he tries. Check out his youtube channel for Opensource content and Reaction videos.

You can get to know him more in LSEP37

BDLL Supporter

Matthias has been a long time supporter of BDLL and stays up to ridiculous hours in the morning to join the conversation

Michael Tunnell
Podcaster Extraordinaire

Michael Hosts TWINL and Co-hosts Destination Linux, Hardware Addicts along with his own youtube channel. He is literally Everywhere!

You can get to know him more in LSEP18

BDLL Supporter

Michael uses Linux for his Photography workflow and joins BDLL when he has trouble sleeping

Nathan Wolf
BDLL Supporter

Nate (CubicleNate) co-hosts DLNextend and is a huge Linux enthusiast. He dabbles in retro tech but his first love will always be openSUSE.

You can get to know him more in LSEP17

Papal Penguin
Community Member

Papal Penguin (Derek Graham) is a passionate Distro hopper who loves doing the distro challenges but keeps coming back to Manjaro for his main rig

Paul R
Community Member

Paul prefers KDE and loves stability but sometimes ventures out of his comfort zone with the distro challenges

Pete (Pete’s Tech Den)
Community Member

Pete is a long time community member and has some great experience in the opensource area for cloud services.

Peter (MintSpider)
BDLL Supporter

Peter loves Solus but actively takes part in the distro challenges and is able to give detailed feedback to help the community

Community Member

Pizza is a very knowledgeable user and YouTuber . He makes videos covering FOSS, Tech, and other things. He also also likes food, especially pizza.

Deep Thinker

Profetik is active in the Linux community including the mobile aspect and is noted for bringing deeply thought out questions to the conversation.

Red Robbo
BDLL Supporter

Rob hosts a youtube channel called Red Robbo’s Workshop full of content on Linux and Audio so check it out!

Robin Juste Emery
Community Member

Robin is a regular on BDLL Europe who always dives into the Distro challenges and gives such a unique take on every distro that is always a pleasure to hear.

Ryan (DasGeek)
Podcaster Extraordinaire

Ryan is a Co-host on Destination Linux and Hardware Addicts podcast and also has his own successful YouTube channel based on Hardware and all things Linux.

You can get to know him more in LSEP03

Elementary OS Fanboy

Schyken offers up some great expertise in the inner workings of things and is always ready to offer advice and tech support to anybody who needs it.

You can get to know him more in LSEP09

Scott (RocketWolf)
Community Member

Scott jumps into the distro challenge every week and offers up his feedback to see if the distros are new user friendly.

Shane Milton
Professional Photographer

Shane has a love for Photography and shows this off with his YouTube channel based on Photography. Did I mention he also runs Linux?

Silent Robot
Arch Linux Expert

Silent has a youtube channel with a variety of content including gameplay videos running on Linux. He is also the creator of SalientOS

Simon Quigley
Community Member

Simon is heavily involved in the Linux community including being the Release Manager for Lubuntu and helping out behind the scenes with the AskNoahShow

Resident Musician

Skrapp is an audio expert including setting up Jack on Linux. He also makes great theme music

Steve (Mowest)
Community Member

Steve loves to sing the praises of Bohdi Linux but is more than happy to join in the distro challenges. He is also introducing his Son into the Linux World

Steve (stevesveryown)
Community Member

Steve hosts a YouTube channel where he promotes his favorite distro PeppermintOS and also has some livestream chats

Hardware Enthusiast

Sysdrum is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hardware and the inner workings of how it reacts with software

Thomas Castleman
Developer of DraugerOS

Thomas is the Lead developer of DraugerOS which tries to emulate a console experience on the PC

Tim F
Community Member

Tim brings levelheaded conversation to the BDLL community and is a member of various other Linux communities.

Tony Simons
Community Member

Tony is relatively new to Linux but he has been a part of the BDLL community for a long time and brings a great perspective to the conversation

Tyler Brown
Community Member

Tyler is Linux conference aficionado who loves participating in the hallway track.

You can get to know him more in LSEP43

Vash (Michael)
Community Member

Vash is newer to Linux but brings a breath of fresh air to the community with a background in Windows and IT

Wendy Hill
Professional Photographer

Wendy is a co-host on Hardware Addicts podcast. She also has a YouTube channel where she documents how she runs her photography business solely on Linux along with how-to videos for editing photos.

You can get to know her more in LSEP33

Community Member

Yannick is known as The french guy from Switzerland and has a youtube channel with the same name.