Big Daddy Linux Live!

Join us every Saturday night for a round table discussion on all thing Linux.

Want to join the conversation? You can download Zoom, install it, and join the meeting via the link or you can use the other various ways to connect via Zoom within your browser or on a mobile device. If you prefer to stay in the background you can talk to us through YouTube chat during the live stream.

Audio Version

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Distro Talk

Big Daddy Linux Live regularly includes a segment focusing on a specific Linux distribution called Distro Talk. We pick a distro at random, spend a week testing it and then discuss it on the show. This is completely voluntary and not something you need to participate in to join the stream.

If you have a suggestion, please let us know during the show or at any time by filling out the form below, via Telegram or visiting the Discourse forum.

Past Distros

Below is the list of distros covered along with dates and links to the YouTube videos.

Hint: Use Ctrl+F to use your browser’s search feature to find a specific item.

Submit a Distro

Be sure to provide at least a few reasons why you think it would make an interesting distro.