Big Daddy Linux Live! Saturday night at 8:00pm EDT
Join us every Saturday night for a round table discussion on the weekly Distro challenge and anything else related to Linux.

Want to join us? You can download zoom and install it and join the meeting via the BDLL Meeting Link or you can use the other various ways to connect via zoom within your browser or on a mobile device. If you prefer to stay in the background you can talk to us through youtube chat during the livestream.

Check it out

Youtube Videos

I started my youtube channel in 2016 and have made many videos on KDE Settings as well as Distro reviews, previews as well as tutorials on a variety of subjects.

Hopefully you find them interesting and informative.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


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BDL now has a Discourse community

We wanted to provide a more permanent way to communicate than Telegram, one that is also indexed by search engines and can be a better reference tool. Come join the discussion.

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Posts are contributed by the Big Daddy Linux community members. Have an idea for a post or would like to contribute one? Send an email or stop by the Telegram group.

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Nextcloud 15 with Apache and Letsencrypt, on Ubuntu 18.04

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