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Can there be one? Distro’s for new users

by franksmcb What’s the best Linux distribution for a new user? Its a simple question with a myriad of answers. It is also a question that is asked on numerous websites with sometimes questionable answers. Recently an article on this subject led to lots of discussion on BDLL about this very issue. That discussion has…
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Nextcloud 15 with Apache and Letsencrypt, on Ubuntu 18.04

by Yannick Web server configuration We all know and love Nextcloud. We also know and love Letsencrypt. So it is only natural that we would want to secure our beloved Nextcloud 15 instance with a letsencrypt certificate. I’m not going to go over how to install Nextcloud, or how to get an SSL certificate. I…
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The Ins and Outs of UEFI

Why to love it, why to hate it, and what it is to begin with. by Thomas Castleman Many people, both inside and outside of the Linux community, have heard about UEFI and may understand that it is something similar to its predecessor: BIOS. They may understand it is something low-level and VERY necessary for…
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The Case for Convergence: 3 Reasons Why You Should (Re)Consider Convergence

by Profetik777 Convergence. A concept that a faithful few are still passionate about. Unfortunately, it is almost a meme in the linux community ever since Canonical dropped it. But why write about it? One reason is because I think it is healthy when groups within the Linux community come together to share, be challenged, reflect,…
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