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New Sponsor – UpCloud

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Big Daddy Linux has a new sponsor for the YouTube channel – UpCloud. According to UpCloud, they provide superior cloud hosting and cloud infrastructure with unrivaled performance and flexibility. They back up this statement with several comparisons to their competitors which are published on the website. These competitors include AWS, Azure and DigitalOcean. For example, when comparing themselves to DigitalOcean, they list three key factors:

  1. UpCloud is faster. A lot faster.
  2. Flexibility and scaling.
  3. Linux and Windows support
UpCloud vs. DigitalOcean Performance

They provide detailed information explaining how they were able to achieve these results. Windows support isn’t something that interests me personally but the performance figures are impressive and the ability to scale is compelling. You can select one of the Simple plans or choose CPU, RAM and Storage individually with their Flexible planning which seems like a great way to fine tune your instance to get the most out of your hosting.

Big Daddy Linux UpCloud Promotion

UpCloud is providing a promotion to the Big Daddy Linux community. During their normal free trial period, you have the option to test the service with no commitment for 72 hours after activating your account. Using the promo code “bigdaddylinux” extends the trial period to 7 days and also provides you with $25 credit to use toward your account.

To get started, click here to visit their site and sign up for your free trial. As is customary with most (if not all) hosting providers, they ask you to enter a credit card which they will charge once the trial ends if you choose to continue.

Having signed up myself I have a few tips to share. First, if you don’t use this link you will need to enter the “bigdaddylinux” promo code yourself. The signup form on their home page doesn’t currently have the field to enter a promo code so it is better to use the signup page instead. I chatted with a member of their team who let me know they would likely be adding the promo field to home page as well.

Notice the Signup Page has a promo code option

If you happen to read this after signing up without the code you can contact support via the live chat or their contact page and they will apply the promo retroactively. I had to do this because I signed up from the home page without the code. Their support was quick and helpful. They even knew what Big Daddy Linux was and asked if I had been watching Saturday!

I currently use a combination of Vultr and DigitalOcean to host websites for myself and my customers and am always looking for good options when it comes to cloud hosting providers. I’m just getting started with UpCloud and plan to do some testing over the next week during my trial period and expect to use the service beyond then as well.

Once I’ve had a chance to kick the tires I will provide feedback an upcoming episode of BDLL. Also, look for a follow up post here and possibly a video demonstrating their control panel and setting up a server instance as well as my thoughts on the service in comparison to the others I have used.

If anyone has an issue signing up please jump in the Telegram group and let us know. I’m sure the UpCloud team will be happy to help as well. We’d also like to hear your feedback if you get a chance to try out the service. See you on the stream!

– Eric Adams


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